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Jan Miller

Jan Miller has been teaching film and television Pitching workshops across Canada and around the world for the past 20 years. Eight years ago she was invited by the East Coast Music Association to begin to offer these workshops to their industry, recognizing that the skills required for pitching apply to either industry and are completely transferable. Jan has now offered these workshops at both the Atlantic Film Festival Music & Image Program and the East Coast Music Awards, smaller workshops throughout the 4 Atlantic provinces and at the West Coast Music Awards conference for the past 2 years. As an international touring performer for 15 years, Jan also brings this insight and expertise to the workshop discussions

The Workshop
Do you have to introduce your music, your band, your clients to a festival programmer, a manager, a music supervisor, a booking agent? In preparing for these meetings,internationally acclaimed pitching consultant Jan Miller will introduce you to the basic ingredients that need to be considered whether one is an artist, an artist/manager or a talent rep.

In a 4 hour interactive session, Jan explores the principles of communicating ideas in a clear, engaging style, the importance of the story behind the music, the value and use of preparation, research, defining the sound, creating a picture of the music, targeting the pitch to the right person at the right place, at the right time and the follow up.

As a starting point for the training, many participants have the opportunity to introduce who they are and what they are ‘bringing to the table’. Through feedback and discussion, Jan helps to define the most effective approach for each individual. Following this session, selected participants are provided the public opportunity to have a 15 minute one-on-one conversation with an appropriately matched industry player. A short facilitated feedback discussion follows in which other resource industry players comment on what worked in the pitch and how to take it the next step.

10 questions to ask yourself before you have that meeting…


Export Ready Testimonials

"It was a pleasure … spending the better part of the day in the International Pitch and Play session. …. It was a fantastic program and confirmed our lifelong learning experience is very alive and well!"
- Ted Crouch, Acoustic Avenue Music Agency

There have been so many highlights from Jan's workshops over the past few years. It's very special to watch artists who feel they lack "pitching" skills, overcome their fears and concerns after spending a short while in Jan's class. Personally, I have seen artists like Jill Barber and John Mullane (In Flight Safety) use the techniques and deliver great meetings. None has surpassed what we have recently witnessed with Meaghan Smith. Meaghan, an unsigned, unreleased artist with a truly great recording took part in Jan's program at the last Atlantic film festival. Following the workshop, Meaghan signed herself up for high level one on ones, and though she had no showcase that weekend, was able to engage several players from Los Angeles in her 15 minute meetings. So engaging was she, that we were able to parlay those meetings into an industry showcase less than 2 months later at LAs famed Viper room, where an unheard of 79 guests attended to hear her play a short set. A feeding frenzy has ensued, with music being passed from one heavyweight to another. Labels, publishers, booking agents, music supervisors---all engaged. It continues at this writing-----hard to say what the end result would be, but no question, it was Meaghan's taking in Jan's workshop and putting what she learned to immediate use, when it all began to "get out of control".

- Mickey Quase

Just wanted to thank you for inviting me into the training session on Saturday at the WCMAs. The workshop was fabulous and offered some very concrete, specific feedback that made an almost immediate difference in my approach to marketing myself. Not sure if I included that in my feedback form but I wanted you to know how valuable the day was! singer/songwriter Carrie Catherine

I attended a day long Export Development Session during the ECMA's and could not have been more satisfied. The session featured a wealth of advice from long time industry professionals. The hands on, interactive approach of the session kept it interesting and gave the participants the opportunity to experience a virtual "pitching" experience in a supportive atmosphere prior to being thrown back in with the "sharks"! The techniques I learned in the session gave me the confidence needed to make the most out of my one on one meetings with international delegates later on that weekend. Knowing how to make music is only half the battle. Take this opportunity to learn how to get it heard! Devon Stang Slowcoaster

I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how AMAZING my week with the Inspired Music Program was. I was so nervous when I went in that first day but you and your sweet personality just put me right at ease! Your presentation was so totally helpful. The notes you handed out at the end are also so great, I'm keeping them in my files! 

- singer/songwriter Meaghan Smith

The Export Readiness Training Pitching Workshop is an excellent export preparedness resource for artists and companies to further enhance their communication, presentation and skill set training. These interactive sessions provide participants with a wealth of knowledge and the tools necessary to take advantage of one-on-one business meetings and export opportunities. Jan's unique approach and innovative delivery keeps the sessions interesting and provides participants with the opportunity to experience a virtual "pitching" experience in a supportive atmosphere. Shelley Nordstrom, Nojo Music

"…thank you for the brilliant workshop that you gave in St. John's."
- Mary Barry, Newfoundland