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International consultant, Jan travels the world as an ambassador for the Canadian media industry connecting people, companies, countries and fostering talent and creative alliances.  Presently she consults for the Canadian Media Production Association. World renowned for her cross-disciplinary Pitcher Perfect workshops her training has been in demand in Cartagena, Guadalajara, Berlin, Cannes, Poland, Scotland, Australia, China, Brazil, Cuba, South Africa  and across Canada.  Strategic Partners, the annual co-production market she designed and ran for 15 years, is now a fixture in global film and TV finance.  She doubles as Head of Studies for Trans Atlantic Partners (TAP), an intensive training and networking program in international co-production for established European and North American film producers.  A catalyst for professional career opportunities, Jan recently stepped down after 6 years as Founding Chair of Women and Film and TV - Atlantic, where she introduced the Women Making Waves annual conference and the highly sought after Wave Awards.


Pitcher Perfect - Pitching Workshops for the Film and TV Industry.  In select workshops around the world, Jan helps filmmakers shape their projects and get them financed.

Export Ready - She also does pitching workshops for the Music Industry.


WIFT-AT (Women in Film and TV - Atlantic) - A founder of the Atlantic WIFT chapter, Jan is its current President.

 Trans Atlantic Partners - Head of Studies, Jan is building one of the world's preeminent international film co-production programs.



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For 30 years a filmmaker, broadcaster, consultant and industry pioneer, Geoff is best known as an environmental activist and community builder - a driving force for change along Nova Scotia's South Shore through numerous NGOs, alliances, and coalitions, and most prominently through the New Democratic Party of Nova Scotia.


St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association, which Geoff founded.  He leads the charge on a number of fronts, including...


Our HRM - an alliance of Halifax-based NGOs forging the city's future.  Representing the environment and rural interests Geoff serves on HRM's Community Design Advisory Committee, helping mould the city's future, RP+5.


Geoff chaired Nova Scotia's "Buy Back the Mersey" coalition which helped get a half a million acres of working forest into the hands of Nova Scotians.  Now he's working hard to establish a St. Margaret's Bay Community Forest run by, with, and for the surrounding communities. The forest at last can play a key role in revitalizing the province's rural economy. 


Separate from the SMBSA, Geoff is also active in Canada's New Democratic Party.  He serves on the Party's Environment Commission and represents Nova Scotia on the Party's National Council.  


Geoff's bio.




Leeward Standard Poodles - Geoff and Jan are avid poodle enthusiasts and breed exceptional dogs.



And they live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.



Oh, and one more thing...  Many of the best pictures and ideas on this site are courtesy of their great pal Ed Beals. 

 A sampling of Ed's brilliance can be found at  Ed Space.