Clipping poodles can be incredibly rewarding.  But it's not for everyone. Every new owner we ask, do you intend to clip your dog and almost all say 'yes' with the best if intentions. Are you aware, it's best to clip your dog every six weeks? 'No problem,' we're looking forward to it.  Takes an hour or two each time.  'No prob.'  If they live nearby I tell them, why don't you come over and clip your dog here as I clip ours.  We can clip together.  A clipping bee.  You just have to put up with me listening to the opera as I clip.  Is that okay?  'Well, we'd appreciate the help, but does it have to be opera?'

I encourage them - use my gear till you're sure you want to get into it.  Getting yourself outfitted can be expensive.  Cheap clippers won't work.  You need Andis two-speed, the red ones, not the black. You need two blades, a 7F and a 10.  You need great scissors, like double duck.  You need good toenail clippers, a good comb, a rake, a fluffer brush, some ear stuff, cotton balls, a hemostat.  We use Mane & Tail shampoo.  Got a good dryer?  How about a grooming table?  Ka-ching, ka-ching.

             Two friends learn the ropes

             Two friends learn the ropes

But even with all that, the equipment will pay for itself with three groomings, maybe four depending.  So, every 6 weeks X 52 weeks a year, times an average age of 12 or 13, heck, you could save around $6,000 over the life of the dog if you do it yourself. 

But best of all, and we really think this is true, what other breed of dog do you absolutely have to spend an hour two of intimate quality time with every six weeks.  And best of all, people with allergies do not react adversely to poodles and NO SHEDDING!  No endless vacuuming nor pulling hair out of the blasted rug beater.  No bad doggy smell either (except when they come in wet or after rolling in something disgusting, which like all dogs they love to do.)

So, we at Leeward are clipping aficionados but we realize it's not for everyone.  We would venture to say that only one out of ten of our new owners actually take the plunge and stick with it.  But seriously, if you live close enough, come on down for the first few clips and we'll have a bee, and I promise to keep the opera volume down, or if you are very, very nice, maybe I'll don my ear buds.