Our spring, 2018 eight -pup litter, Bijou (Classay Beaujolais), dam, with Leeward's Ninja, sire, all quickly found great homes. 

We decided to repeat last summer's match-up between Georgia (Leeward's Buckwheat) and the little black dynamo Ch. Signet Drakkar Noir of Brockville, Ontario.  When Georgia came in heat, we chauffeured her 16 hours to Brockville for a repeat performance.  Nine pups, four black (2M, 2F) and five white, ranging from cream to apricot (3F, 2M) arrived July 21st.  They are currently all spoken for but let's chat.   One may free up, we may be able to refer you to one of our trusted colleagues, or you may decide to wait for next year's Leeward litter.   (902-823-1404).  Here are the newborns:

Geo VI day 1.jpg

Born July 21st, 2018, there are four blacks (2F, 2M)and five creams (3F, 2M).  Georgia is the perfect mum. 


"I'm convinced the temperament of your dogs is perfect. Maybe it's just poodles in general but now that I've met your crew and several of the puppies I think it's you guys! Rivet is sooo calm. Same as Beau and August. You've got it figured out!!!"

- Stacey Blackburn, Sydney, NS