Lowenbe Holdings Ltd.

In 1997 Geoff Le Boutillier and Jan Miller incorporated Lowenbe to handle their many initiatives and consulting contracts most of which were in media and communications.  While Jan remains extremely active in that field, Geoff's interests have broadened.  When not working with the dogs, most waking hours find him deep in environmental issues.

Based out of their home on St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, through Lowenbe their careers reach in many directions. .


Geoff LeBoutillier

Formerly a motion picture writer/producer, broadcaster and communications consultant for 35 years, Geoff's passion for the environment and his community now consumes his life.  That and poodles, of course. Founder of the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association, a leading East Coast NGO, he has been a contributing force in numerous other coalitions, initiatives, and organizations with a green bent.  His current focus - establishing the 20,000 hectare  Ingram River  Wilderness Area along three major rivers which feed into St. Margaret's Bay.   Here are links to a few of his preoccupations:

Ingram River Wilderness Area

St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association

Healthy Forest Coalition

Our HRM Alliance

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Jan Miller

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From globe-trotting professional clown, to film and TV, not that big a leap.  For 25 years a film & TV consultant, connector and trainer across Canada and around the world, with Germany's Erich Pommer Institute Jan co-presents Trans Atlantic Partners, teaching producers the intricasies of international co-production.  Hailed as the pitching queen, she gives Pitching & Concept Development workshops from Cannes to Iran, Berlin to Colombia, the Amazon, China... The architect of international co-pro market Strategic Partners, and driving force behind Canada's first film school, the National Screen Institute, she also founded Women in Film and Television-Atlantic.  Supporting producers is in Jan’s DNA.  On the Executive of Canada's Women in View, back home in NS she co-chairs the Settlement Committee for the Bay Refugee Project.

National Screen Institute

Strategic Partners

Trans-Atlantic Partners

Bay Refugee Project